Women and Weights: Ms. MAC Room Edition!

One of the great perks of the MAC Xtreme is the Ms. MAC room. The Ms. MAC room is a separate room for women only who want to workout and get strongHER! There is a ton of equipment to choose from that is exclusively for women. Whether your interest is weights, machines, or cardio equipment, it’s all in there.

Women of all ages should be as active as they can and try new workout routines and styles. Exercising confidently in a comfortable environment like the Ms. MAC room can help you accomplish your fitness goals and start to live a healthy lifestyle. As a trainer, I focus on strength training for women to help them understand and incorporate these exercises more often into their fitness routines. A lot of women are scared or hesitant to strength train for fear that they’ll become “bulky”. This is not necessarily true though. You’ll feel stronger, everyday activities will feel easier, and weight lifting will result in loss of body fat and maintain muscle tone without feeling or looking "bulky".

I love the Ms. MAC room because it offers an exclusive area just for women. There aren't just the typical cardio machines, but various equipment to weight train. It has plenty of variety to keep switching up your routine, that way you don't ever feel bored, can progress through various exercises, and keep coming back for more. That said, women and weights definitely go together!

In September, the Ms. MAC room will be hosting the Ms. MAC Fit Program! It’s a six-week program for women that will emphasize women and weights and emphasize the importance for all women to take time and utilize all the Ms. MAC room has to offer. Email me to learn more and sign up at the front desk, I hope to see you there!

For more information on the Ms. MAC Fit Program, click here!


Blog Post Author: Sarah Chalhoub, Personal Trainer