Class Description


High Intensity Interval Training...aqua style! Be challenged in this 40 minute class to push yourself to new levels. Shallow and deep areas of the pool may be used.

Body Sculpt

Similar to BODY PUMP, this workout strengthens all major muscle groups as an instructor leads the class and helps you develop correct form. This class incorporates movements from traditional weight training, functional training, and core stability. All levels.

Boot Camp

Advance your endurance and stamina running through drills and obstacle courses. A heart-pumping way to build strength for the heart and body. *Boot Camp is held on the basketball court*

BOSU Blast

Blast away those calories by using the BOSU balance trainer. A great mix of balance, cardio, and strength training is sure to give you a well balanced workout. Exercises done on the BOSU may also be modified on the floor. We encourage participants to work at their own pace.

Cardio Dance

Similar to Zumba, this cardio dance class fuses a variety of dance steps with a total party vibe! This dance fitness class will make you forget you're working out!

Cycle and Sculpt

An exhilarating ride followed by strength training. All levels.

Cycle Xpress

Xpress classes are 40 minute lunch hour classes to give you that midday energy boost. All levels.


A group workout on stationary bikes with a motivating instructor. All terrain rides with flats, hills, and sprints. We encourage participants to work at their own pace. All fitness levels are welcome. Bring a water bottle to class. Please plan to arrive 5 minutes early to adjust bike.

F.I.T. Fitness Interval Training

Studies have shown interval training leads to better, faster results. This class is high intensity, low choreography. Combine cardio intervals with weights to get your whole workout in one! Each instructor will give their own personal flare for added variety.

Fluid Motion

A well rounded workout for all ages and a great way to getting started and maintaining your fitness goals. Also a wonderful way to stay fit during pregnancy. All levels

Forever Fit

Friendship will blossom in this well rounded workout for all ages. Formats may vary from week to week. A great class for mature adults, if your new to exercise, or pregnant.


Traditional strength training fused with some elements of Yoga and Pilates for a strong and fit body. All levels.

Great for any level, a water class is a refreshing way to add variety to your workout. Taking it to the water will get your heart going and work your muscles in a different way without the impact. A great way to stay fit during pregnancy.


Punch and kick your way into fitness. Knockout those calories by incorporating traditional boxing moves into combinations and drills. Sparring will get the heart rate up as you work the entire body. Hand wraps must be worn if gloving up or sparring. All levels.


Using a step and fun choreography to creatively burn calories and get the heart pumping is a fun and classic way to workout.

Step Interval

A fun way to do interval training by doing a class step class with intervals of strength training and drills for a fun and total body workout.


Tabata training is a type of high intensity interval training that follows a specific format: 20 seconds of a very high intensity exercise, 10 seconds of rest, Repeat 8 times for a total of 4 minutes.