XFITT: Xtreme Functional Interactive Team Training
Small Group. Small Price. Big Results


XFITT workouts include elements of strength and interval training and are designed to build muscle, burn fat and get you FIT!  Expect to work hard and continue to burn calories hours after your workout is complete!  Our trainers are prepared to help you with nutrition guidance and accountability outside of the sessions.  If you are looking for a challenge and looking for consistency in a fitness program, this one is for you!  

XFITT Small Group Sessions:

  • XFITT BOOST- 30 minute super charged workout where the goal is to burn fat and build strength in a short amount of time
  • XFITT TEAM- Functional team training class that incorporates each dimension of our XFITT program with a goal of improving overall fitness
  • XFITT METABOLIC CONDITIONING (MET CON)- This is a high intensity, interval traning class with a goal of enhancing your metabolism and leaning out
  • XFITT CORE- Target your abdominals, spine, glutes, and hip flexors in this class. The goal is to gain strength in the core and provides a great supplement to any fitness goal