MYZONE at The M.A.C.!

What is MYZONE?

MYZONE is a fresh new way to measure your workout! Our unique heart rate monitoring system, the MZ-3, uses a chest strap to monitor your heartbeat during any type of physical activity. In fact, MYZONE only measures the effort that you put into a workout-not the speed, cadence, or weight lifted! Everyone can control the effort they exert, which means that MYZONE makes your workouts much more productive and personalized.

Why choose MYZONE?

MYZONE's chest strap is much more accurate than wrist devices in tracking the output of your exercise. The reason is simple: your wrist's muscles respond differently to non-rhythmical workouts (such as boxing and lifting), which makes it much more difficult to precisely measure the output of your exercise. Our chest strap, however, measures your heartbeat-which is a more accurate monitoring of your true workout effort.


quThe MYZONE belt links directly to the MYZONE app through Bluetooth connectivity, which means you can see the effort you're putting in whether you're at home, at the gym, or on vacation. No matter your location-you have accurate readings right at your fingertips! Other benefits of the app include:

1. Live feed of your social connections' recent workouts
2. Data uploading in real-time (at the club) and to the cloud (on-the-go)
3. Activity calendar showing effort over time (up to 3 years of workouts stored)
4. Challenges & goal setting to stay motivated!
5. Food log

What is MYZONE?