Why Dynamic and Static Stretching are Beneficial

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Dynamic stretching

Purpose: Dynamic stretching prepares the muscles in the body for exercise.

How it’s performed: Take the muscles to the end-range lengthened position within the respective movement needed to perform the subsequent exercise. (i.e. football kicker performing standing leg kicks; baseball pitcher performing arm circles).




Benefits: Dynamic stretching uses motions that are specifically designed to be used in a sport/exercise and should be performed prior to activity. As a result, the body is prepared for the required movements needed to be successful in the respective exercise.


Static Stretching

Purpose: Static stretching increases muscle and joint range of motion.

How it’s performed: Hold the muscle in the maximal lengthened position (pain-free) for 15-30 seconds at a time. Repeat 2-3 times.

stretch 1

stretch 2


Benefits: Static stretching improves overall muscle length and joint range of motion. This results in increased performance of the muscles and joints being stretched for future sport/exercise. Static stretching should be performed after exercise to yield the greatest benefits.


Written By: Physical Therapists team at Select Physical Therapy