5 Fitness Things I learned in my 1st 5 months of pregnancy.

By Kelli Timmersman, Assistant Personal Training Director.

  1. Have no expectations! Pregnancy is weird and EVERY.BODY. will be different so don’t tell yourself you should be doing what so and so did, figure out what you can do!
  2. Move every day! Some days when I wasn’t feeling well this was just a 10 minute walk with the dog but moving is necessary and can ease some of the aches and pains.
  3. There is always a way. If your past exercise routine that you were told you could keep up now hurts, modify until you find an alternative that works for you! (or consult a MAC trainer J)
  4. Never go anywhere without snacks and water! Hunger can come out of nowhere and smack you! BE ready with a healthy snack to keep your body fueled. And don’t forget the water, hydration is more important than ever.
  5. Work on your core! We all have what is called a Pelvic Floor. This can be hard to engage or tell if you have if it engaged as well as the Transverse Abdominal muscle. Being able to use and control these muscles properly will help control back pain while pregnant (life saver as I am struggling with this) and supposedly it helps a lot in both labor and recovery. I’ll keep you posted once I experience this part first hand. Check out the pictures below to see a super basic but super effective way to engage your pelvic floor and TVA.

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