Strong Women. May we know them, Be them, Raise them.

In honor of mother’s day, I want to give a shout out to all of the SUPER MOM’s out there, making health and wellness a priority. I realize being a mom is a hard enough task, but to add in a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, for yourself and the family, really puts the pressure on! It’s not always easy, I get that! Which is why, I thought it was necessary to reach out to some of the mom’s on our MAC staff for support! I have the opportunity to see these ladies in action daily. While, our passion and careers are in the fitness industry, we are still normal people who have struggles and need support and accountability to our health and wellness goals. While hearing feedback from the ladies, there were several trending answers with one common theme. Common theme: As much as living a healthy lifestyle, has its challenges, the pro’s far outweigh the con’s. No matter the challenges these mom’s face, the fitness and wellness lifestyle they choose to live, make them better people and better mom’s and in turn cultivate the same action within their families. Take time to read the interview questions and answers below. Use this for motivation and know that you are not alone in the #momlife #gymlife struggles. Any one of us, is happy to hear from you anytime. To listen, to share, to support. To tell you that you are doing a great job. You are worth every moment you invest in yourself. Your investment into your health and happiness is an investment into your kids and your family. We are all proud of you and your efforts to be the best self and the best mom, you can be! Why is it important to keep fitness in your life as a mom? • I’m able to more easily tackle my many responsibilities, I have the energy I need, and my attitude and outlook is always better and more balanced. I also think it’s important to set an example for my kids on how to live with health and balance and wellness. Rachael McCaughey, Group Fitness Director • As a grandmother I seem to need more help with staying active so a trainer is much needed as our bodies get older and we need a kick start to keeping active. Jackie Meier, MAC Vice President • It’s important for me, to keep me healthy. And it’s important for my kids to see me being healthy. This way they grow up to have a healthy lifestyle. Laurie Hatfield, Kids Club Director • Making my workouts a priority and finding the time to put my health and fitness first, helps keep my whole family in balance. If I am not taking care of myself, then I cannot fully be the mom I want to be. Melissa Prins, Cycle Director • Now I am no longer needing to be healthy for myself but I have another life that I am in charge of and need to take care myself in order to take care of baby! Kelli Timmersman, Personal Trainer and expecting mama! How do you make time for fitness? • I don’t view it as optional – it’s just a part of my schedule. Much like you’d schedule meetings or appointments or even lunch breaks, I schedule time to set aside for being active. Rachael McCaughey, Group Fitness Director • I have found when I schedule my work out I make it a priority. Laurie Hatfield, Kids Club Director • I love staying on track with my workouts by teaching and attending The MAC’s Group Fitness Classes. There are several different formats and times to choose from to keep my workouts fun and fresh. I also really enjoy the small group XFITT personal training sessions. The MAC has so many different ways to get you moving! I appreciate all the other great moms I have met and have gotten to know at The MAC. We all encourage and motivate each other. The relationships I’ve built with other moms are so significant. Melissa Prins, Cycle Director • I’m a single mom and I work two jobs- having time for my workouts requires a lot of planning head and letting go of excuses. Ellen Tjaden, Personal Trainer • I usually plan at the start of each week, when I will do my workouts my every day. Having them scheduled really helps! Kelli Timmersman, Assistant Personal Training Director and expecting mama! How do implement fitness into the family? • We have family challenges – for example, our son (who is 12) just asked us if we’d all want to do make a commitment to do 100 push-ups a day for the month of May - Rachael McCaughey, Group Fitness Director • Having my husband on board, supporting my workout routine has been super helpful! If I haven’t got my workout and he takes over the household duties to be sure I can. Laurie Hatfield, Kids Club Director • I also enjoy being outside and moving with the kiddos! We love bike rides and walks to the park. Recently we’ve been enjoying this awesome weather by playing football and badminton in the backyard. The laundry and the dishes will be there later, spend quality time with your little ones! They grow up in a blink of an eye! Melissa Prins, Cycle Director • I make sure to include them in activities at home including yoga, running, walks, healthy meal planning, etc. I notice not only that their little bodies are stronger but they have become more confident as well because they are learning how to make smart choices and taking care of themselves which generates a true feeling of self-confidence and respect! Ellen Tjaden, Personal Trainer • My husband and I exercise together a lot and walk the dog together each evening. This will continue with baby! Kelli Timmersman, Assistant Personal Training Director and expecting mama! What are some challenges you face with getting fitness and wellness in and how do you work through them? • And last but certainly not least having the Mac with so many locations and options keeps me changing things up and having fun. Laurie Hatfield, Kids Club Director • As a mom, one of the most important things the MAC has to offer is the Kid’s Club. They make it so easy to get a workout in when you bring your kids to the gym. Not only is the Kid’s Club a wonderful program for the kids, but it helps put my mind at ease knowing I can get my workout in while my children are receiving the best care. I love how Kid’s Club implements health and fitness into the kids’ programs to insure that the kids know how important it is in their lives. They get the kids moving! I love sending my kids there! Melissa Prins, Cycle Director • With being a single mom comes a lack of time which can turn into feelings of guilt and sometimes I feel selfish when I use an hour at the gym that I could be using with my kids. I have learned that my workout is valuable to them as well because my mood is better afterwards when I take the time to care for myself as well, over time my children mirror what I do. Both children (10 and 7) are growing up taking pride in being strong, healthy and fit. Ellen Tjaden, Personal Trainer • At the start of my pregnancy I really struggled with nutrition as not many foods sounded good. Again it takes a lot of planning ahead. Failing to plan is planning to fail! Kelli Timmersman, Assistant Personal Training Director and expecting mama!   Ellen Ellen- 2 kids Jane Jakobsen Jane Jakobsen- 2 kids, author Rachael Rachael- 2 kids ages 12 and 15 Mel Prins Me Prins- 2 kids Kelli Timmersman Kelli Timmersman- Expecting Mama! Laurie Hatfield Laurie Hatfield - 3 kids