Change Your Mind

Fitness accomplishments come in all shapes and sizes. We all love the big-win stories of those whom we know that have accomplished tasks such as major weight loss or set a new record. But often our biggest accomplishments are those that involve overcoming our own mental adversities.   Creating new habits through breaking old habits is arguably one of the most difficult things we do in life. It means changing, it means breaking out of your comfort zone and ultimately a certain level of vulnerability. But it’s not impossible.   Just ask Charles Sumner, recent MAC member aged 55. Charles had admittedly been “heavy” on and off for quite a while. Like many, he struggled to lose weight and keep it off on his own, citing “life and work” as obstacles in his health journey. However, after a heart attack required stents to be placed earlier this year, he knew it was time for a change.   Charles joined The MAC in July of 2018, and began work with his trainer, Tara Brokovich (aka: “Kid” or “Tyrant” depending on who you ask, and when you’re asking). Since that time Charles stated that one of his biggest accomplishments thus far has been:   “Just the eagerness and energy to get up and work out each morning are two of the most noticeable short term accomplishments.”   He still feels that he has a ways to go, but  “…It’s small accomplishments that are adding up.  We have been working on stamina and range of motion. In addition to the support from the Mac staff, the support from other members is truly appreciated.  The words of encouragement, a pat on the back, a high five, the fact they notice when you’re late or gone means a lot. Just that other members notice how hard you’re working towards your goal and giving you the encouragement to keep pushing is great.”   While learning to put himself and his health first has been a hard lesson to learn, as it is for so many, between the support he receives from The MAC members and staff, and the drive to be healthier for himself and his family (particularly his 1 ½ year old granddaughter), the lesson is starting to habit for Charles.   “I’m learning work will always be there, lost time with those you care about is irreplaceable.”   We couldn’t have said it any better Charles! We have always been beyond impressed with the sense of community found at The MAC; and know all too well what a challenge a “simple change” to your lifestyle can be. From all of us here at The MAC, we are so incredibly proud of you, Charles, for continuing to work on making fitness and health a way of life for yourself and your family.   July 2018 (002) Sept. 2018 (002) Post-Training session (002)