Start S.M.A.R.T.

It’s January at the gym, and we know what that means: Resolutions. A new year can be a great time to jumpstart a new health and/or fitness program, but the questions often remain: Where do I start? How do I stay motivated? Whether your goals are fitness related or not, the best place to start is by framing your goal as a “S.M.A.R.T.” goal. A SMART goal helps set measurable parameters to your objective, making it clear when a goal has or hasn’t been achieved. What exactly is a SMART goal though? A SMART goal is:

            Specific - Measurable - Attainable - Realistic/relevant - Time-based

So, instead of setting a generic goal such as “I want to lose weight before bikini season.” You might instead frame it as “I want to lose 15 pounds by March 17th”. This way you’ve set a specific and measurable target, kept it realistic and have given yourself a deadline of sorts. SMART goals can also be used to help stay motivated and avoid ruts in the road:   Having trouble remembering your gym bag? Set a SMART goal to pack your gym bag and place it in your car 3 nights a week so your set for success.   Not sure yet what fitness approach works for you? Set a goal to attend one of our many MAC group exercise offerings once per week, or to schedule your first MacFit (free for first-timers!) with one of our trainers for a more one on one approach. At The MAC we have everything from spin to kickboxing, and POUND to XFitt group training, to help you find your fitness solution. Bonus: Remember, several group exercise classes are free with your membership, and mind body are only $20/month for unlimited classes. Many of our classes and XFitts also have dedicated followers who love to share what they know and support one another, so join in to juice up your support circle!   We know that to achieve goals often takes more than determination, it takes support from those around us and a solid plan. So, to help support you and all your glorious goals, we’ve put together a list of ‘Trainer Tips’ to help get you on the right path:   1)      Pack your gym bag the night before then place it either by your door for the morning to grab quickly, or in your car so your set for the following day. 2)      Practice meal prep! If part of your goals include a healthier diet, meal prep is your savior, allowing you to set yourself up with either a few days or weeks worth of healthy meal and snack options. a.       Bonus tip: Not a fan of eating the same thing every night? Don’t! We love options like Hy-Vee’s “5 for $20” in the meat department to help stay in budget AND get some variety. For example, one of their packages of pork chops, and one package of the chicken grillers can be cooked at the same time providing you 4 meals with 2 different protein options. 3)      Have a plan: if your flying solo at the gym, ‘fly’ with intention. Write (or type) down the exercises you want to do ahead of time to avoid workout ADD and inefficiency. This can help you get in, get after it and then get on your way without feeling hassled or aimless. 4)      JUMPSTART your fitness. If you’re still struggling with how, when and where to start, contact our personal training department to inquire about our 6 week JUMPSTART program! You’ll meet with a trainer who will help set and/or clarify your goals, setup a habit-forming routine and of course will help hold you accountable.