How to be the most hated person in the gym

How to be the most hated person in the gym

You’re Always Dropping Weights
There’s nothing more embarrassing than dropping weights at the gym and it’s a sure fire way to draw negative attention to yourself. Stop showing off by trying to lift more than you can! 

You Don’t Put Weights Away
You’re sure to gain some gym enemies if you don’t put weights away after use. Not only does it make the place look untidy, but it means someone else has to spend their time looking for the weights they need. Didn’t your mum ever tell you to tidy up after yourself? 

You Hog Equipment You’re Not Using
Don’t use the equipment as a place to sit and rest. People at the gym are there to workout, they don’t want to stand and stare at your obvious laziness.

You Spend Most of Your Time Staring at Your Phone 
If you want to sit on Facebook or swipe through Tinder, do it at home. If you’re at the gym and spend more time on your phone than you do working out, you’re going to look pretty stupid. Plus, it’s a clear sign you’re not taking your workout seriously. 

You Offer Your Unwanted Opinion
Whether or not you’re a fitness guru, nobody wants an opinion they didn’t ask for. 

You Spend More Time Taking Mirror Photos Than Working Out
The gym isn’t a catwalk and nobody on Instagram wants to see seven photos of you at the gym. Put the phone down and pick up some weights! 
You Judge Others
Everyone has to start somewhere. Judging those who are new and don’t know what they’re doing is a great way to introduce yourself as someone to avoid. Hey, ever thought of being encouraging? 

You Groan, A LOT!
Of course a strenuous workout is going to cause you to make a little bit of noise here and there, but keep groaning to a minimum! There’s nothing more annoying than listening to another man groan when you’re trying to get into the zone.

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