Toughing It Out

We all have different sources of motivation for working towards our respective fitness goals. For MAC member Kendra Aarhus, it was the reality of turning 40.   A MAC member since 2011, Kendra made the commitment to make 2018, and her final year in her 30s, one for the record books. In addition to a 45+ pound weight loss and accomplishing a half marathon, Kendra also competed in a Tough Mudder event held in New York.   For those that don’t know, the Tough Mudder is an obstacle race, with courses ranging between 10-12mi in length. Event participants are encouraged to embrace some of the less glamorous (but very real) aspects of life; including struggle, getting dirty, pain, asking for help and of course the unexpected. All in the name of fitness.   In short, it is not an event for the faint of heart, and it is not a race that should be run without preparation. With that in mind, Kendra began “hitting the gym” with more consistency, utilizing resources and amenities such as Group Fitness, XFitt (team training) and MyZone to help her along her way.   When asked why her fitness and wellness is so important to her, Kendra responded:   “I’ve learned that when I let wellness go, a whole lot goes out the door with it. Wellness is key to balance in my life as a busy entrepreneur.”   She began attending XFitt training sessions twice a week, going for 5+ mile runs, and sprint/tempo runs once a week; balancing this out with yoga, stair-mill work and strength training as often as possible. These exciting but challenging classes and endeavor’s, coupled with the support of MAC team members such as Peggy and Chelsey, all helped Kendra stay on target and accomplish her goals.   Way to go Kendra! From all of us at The MAC, we are so proud to have been a part of your journey, and can’t wait to see what you accomplish next!   For more on Kendra’s journey through 2018, and her preparation for these major events, search for her hashtag on Facebook: #365DaysTo40 Resized952018080495141723(1) (002) IMG955599 (002)