A Workout Partner May Mean More Results By: Jane Jakobsen

What if we told you, having a workout partner or working out alongside someone, may give you more results.  Most people use a workout partner for accountability, someone that gets them to the gym,  which is better than the alternative, NOT going to the gym at all.  No one ever regrets a workout, do they?  However a Study by the Society of Behavioral Medicine, goes deeper than that.  The purpose of the study, published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine (2012; 44, 151–59), was to see if there was an ideal scenario for motivating exercisers to intensify their workouts.  Their study shows a workout partner or working out alongside someone or a group, provides more intensity.   “These findings support the notion that group motivation can influence exercise performance (most potently under conjunctive task demands with a moderately more capable partner) over several trials,” the authors explained.  We also know, higher levels of intensity promote quicker results.  That said, The MAC provides several ways to promote fitness, in the partner or group settings, in hopes to help motivate our members and keep them consistent in their fitness routine thus, seeing results!  Not to mention, we provide perks to those who inspire others to fitness and refer their friends and family, to get fit alongside them!  See a list of all of these opportunities below!   Partner and Group Workout Options at The MAC

  • Hire a trainer, to be your partner.  Our trainers, commit to your program and want to see you succeed
  • Partner Personal Training
  • XFITT, team training in a setting of 3-12 participants
  • Group Fitness, all of our group fitness classes are included in your membership
  • Workshops and specialty programs
  • MYZONE Heart Rate Technology, this tool allows you to workout alongside others without physically being together (if you choose) and at the same time holds one accountable.

  Member Perks

  • Refer a new member – Get a FREE Month!
  • This month, refer a new member to The MAC and you could WIN a BIKE!
  •  Win a Bike
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