Memorial Day Health and Fitness Tips:

  1. Stay Active.  Making time for fitness and incorporate activity in your social gatherings, such as Outdoor games, football, tag, kickball
  2. Organize Social Fitness Activities. Get friends together for bike rides, walks, hiking, kayaking, etc
  3. Hydrate.  Aim to consume half your body weight, in ounces, of water.
  4. Choose lean meats for grilling.  Chicken, fish, and lean beef are great tasty options, that provide protein and limit fats.
  5. Fill up on veggies.  Contribute a veggie tray or salad, when you are asked to bring a side to a BBQ.  This will allow for snacking without filling up on calories.
  6. Be mindful to not drink your calories.  This includes alcohol, mixers, and other beverages, like pop, juices and energy drinks.
  7. Limit desserts and treats.  Be selective and plan accordingly.
  8. Have Fun. Be Safe.  Don’t let one weekend of over indulging sabotage your goals.