Transformation Challenge Update

This year’s transformation challenge is in full swing! A lot of our participants have been working very hard thus far, so we thought we’d let you all in on how it’s going for them so far! Some people may be hesitant to begin a challenge or participate in a challenge. We asked our participants why they decided to join the challenge, besides the awesome winning prizes! See below for some of our favorite responses:

  • "I wanted to be challenged and work even harder”
  • "I wanted to get stronger and work on my arthritis in the knees, weight loss and building muscle”
  • “Accountability to have a plan!”

If we haven't convinced you already to try next year’s challenge and make you wish you would’ve joined this years, we wanted to get an idea from our participants who are working with a trainer throughout the challenge. The response we got from this are endless, but we’ll give you a few here that’ll surely persuade you to start a training program!

  • “I don’t have to figure out what exercises or circuits to do”
  • “The support and encouragement and push I need to try and challenge myself to try a harder version of an exercise”
  • “New ideas and mix things up and push myself”
  • “I workout harder with a trainer than without a trainer”

Lastly, this reason is definitely shown to bring people closer to their goals and surpassing what they set out to do originally is… ACCOUNTABILITY! Having someone there to encourage, push, and motivate you but also make sure you're actually AT THE GYM is huge! Keep an eye on all the success to come from our challenge participants and see who wins!