What is a MAC Fit?

At The MAC, we value each of our members and when someone becomes a new member we like to get to know them a little better. Our MAC Fits are designed just for that reason! Each new member gets the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a personal trainer and discuss health and fitness questions from A to Z! It’s a great opportunity to discuss current fitness goals, why a member has set these goals and what they are look forward to accomplishing next at the MAC. Apart of this meeting there is an assessment area that the member will go through with the trainer. The In-Body test, which assesses body composition, is a state of the art tool that we here at the MAC are fortunate to utilize to our members advantage! This is another perk of taking advantage of a MAC Fit because each member gets a FREE In-Body test! It doesn't stop there either! After the assessment and discussion part of the MAC Fit, there is a PRO Workout. The personal trainer will take the member through a personalized training session that will target the goals discussed at the beginning. If that’s not enough to persuade our new members to sign up, then we don't know what else could! All NEW members or those that have not taken advantage of a MAC Fit session when they joined, ask the front desk to set you up with a trainer or follow the link below on our website to schedule a time! Schedule Today: http://the-mac.com/p-t-at-the-m-a-c/