There is No Time for Being Fit and Healthy

The other day, I sat down for dinner at 8:15pm and started reflecting about my day.  I went back to an early morning conversation with a client who didn’t have time to workout this week, so we discussed small things she could do that would add up to big changes for her week.  As I was thinking about this conversation, I started to wonder, WAIT, do people think I have time for this fit and healthy lifestyle I choose to live?!  Its 8:15pm and I am just sitting down to eat.  In the same day, I got a workout in.  I dropped kids off.  I picked kids up.  I ran errands (with kids, which takes twice as long, as a lot of you know!)  Not only ate dinner but I made dinner full of real and nutrient dense food.  I spent quality snuggle time with my kiddos and even sat up to have adult conversation with my hubby, after we went through the not so easy bedtime routine. As a fitness professional it is so hard to hear about TIME being something that keeps people from being fit and health.  For those of you using TIME, or the lack there of as an excuse, YOU'RE RIGHT, you will never find the time, you must MAKE the time!  That being said, you must loosen up a bit, be more flexible and not be afraid of change or holding on to “normal” standards that we all feel pressure to abide by. Seriously….there is no time for being fit and healthy.  Do you think I have time to prep food?  Do you think I have time to workout?  Do you think there is time in my busy schedule to make myself a priority and find ways to be fit, healthy, strong, a role model, to live my best self?  Absolutely not.  It comes down to MAKING TIME.  I don’t want to make this all about me, however I do want to be clear, we are all in the same boat, each of us EVERY day make choices on how we live our life.  And I am not perfect by any means.  In fact, I have learned to let perfection go and have really made an effort to focus on me and my life and my family and what works for us.  You see, we are ALL BUSY.  I am just as busy as you and you are no busier than anyone else.  We each have our own busy.  The question is, are you living your busy life as your best self? the best you can feel?  The best role model you can be? The healthiest you can be?  The strongest you can be?  It takes practice and hard work each day. So as you go through and start making your new goals for 2018….We need remove time as an excuse to taking care of ourselves.  There isn’t time, unless you make time.  MAKING time, is worth it.  You are worth it!  There is no “good time” to implement change in your life.  Don’t wait till Monday and why wait till the first of the year?  There is no “good time” to carve out a workout, food prep, get a massage and practice self-care.  There is ALWAYS going to be something, an email you haven’t responded to, a birthday party or social event, a house to clean and laundry to do, the list can go on for miles. Making time for a fit and healthy lifestyle is not easy.  I know!  It doesn’t have to be hard either; making time for small things makes a big impact.  Workouts don’t need to be 60+ minutes.  Meals don’t need to be elaborate.  As long as you and/or your family are safe and nurtured, “normal” is what works for you on any given day.   I struggle with all the same choices you do but what helps me MAKE the time is knowing I feel better when it’s done.  I feel more confident. I feel strong. I feel accomplished.  My kids have a better mom.  My husband has a better wife.  And my family has a better life when we make time to work on ourselves.  I am not asking for you to be perfect.  Just be more flexible and welcome the change in routine as you MAKE time for yourself!   Author: Jane Jakobsen Follow Jane on Facebook: Follow Jane on Instagram: