Workshops at The M.A.C.

This week on the blog we’re talking about workshops! A lot of you may have some questions about what a workshop is, the benefits of participating in one and when you can try one out for yourself. A workshop is a one time learning experience that is great for everyone at all levels. This week at the Fountains Xpress location a couple of our trainers will be offering two times for all members and non-members to come workout. The benefits of trying a workshop is it’s a one-time training investment. Whether you’ve done personal training before or want to try it out once to see if you would like it, this would be a great opportunity for you! You get to meet and work with two of our personal trainers, Kelli and Jane and hopefully get more familiar with them. Another great benefit of a workshop is that you can learn so many new exercises and tips along the way. This week they’re focus is on TRX and kettle bells so whether you're new to these or not there’s always something new to learn and progress to another level. You're not alone! Having a workout buddy can be really motivating and beneficial for a lot of people, with that being said having a group to workout with is another excellent reason to partake in a workshop. If you don't have anyone to join you this could be a great time to meet new people and make a find a new workout partner to push you through those New Years resolutions you set out to beat! Our mind and body instructors and group fitness department have had a few workshops recently at the MAC, so be prepared to see more of these from those departments as well as from the personal trainers!   Fountains Workshops (2)