You're experiencing a Group Fitness class for the first time. Yep, you’re the noob or whatever kids are calling it these days. You have no idea what to expect, but all you know is the girl beside you is busting out burpees like nobody's business and you just learned what a burpee is from the instructor 10 seconds ago. Group Fitness is exactly what the name states: a group of people getting fit together. In this said 'group' there are a variety of participants. Young, old, tall, short, men, women. There are also Group Fitness veterans and those new to Group Fitness. I remember joining a gym and trying out a few Group Fitness classes for the first time. It is a scary and daunting idea trying to make your way through uncharted territory. I tried my first cycle class and had no idea what the heck I was doing, but I fell in LOVE. My hind end hurt something fierce, but I was coming back because I knew that every time I showed up, I would feel a little less awkward. That's why I'm here writing this; to challenge you to try a Group Fitness class, the one you've been too scared to try. There is always a starting point for everyone. Even that chick that always gets the 20lb weights for sculpting class. She was scared to death to try her first Group Fitness class, but she made it through and has progressed. It's a journey and nobody is judging you on where you started. So what if you can't get the combinations in step class, just keep moving. Who cares if you can't climb the big mountain in cycle class, just keep pedaling. Nobody will kick you out of class for not being able to hold downward dog, just keep trying and keep progressing. Everyone is either looking at themselves in the mirror or the instructor. They are not looking at you. They are not judging you. They are thinking about themselves and wondering how to make it through this next cardio set without dying or if their pants are see-through. Group Fitness is a judgment free zone. Come on in and experience encouragement, growth, and even friendships. In each and every class, Group Fitness Instructors will encourage new participants to work at their own fitness level and their own pace. This is crucial. This is the key. If you try a yoga class and you find you're not as flexible as the guy in the front row that can bend into a pretzel, it's OKAY. Comparison will cripple you. A good instructor will offer you modifications and options, and if you're the only participant doing a modification, you NEED to be okay with that. Bringing a friend to try a Group Fitness class for the first time may make the experience more fun and less uncomfortable. Attend a cycle class. Near death experiences really bond friends together. Kidding! (: Having a workout buddy will keep you accountable. One last piece of advice for participants new to Group Fitness: ASK QUESTIONS! Don't be afraid to let the instructor know that you're new to a class format. Let them know of any injuries you have and any exercises or movements that may be difficult for you to perform. Get to class early to ask questions about the type of equipment being used if you are not familiar. We've all seen the YouTube videos of gym patrons using gym equipment in hilarious, but wrong ways. Don't be that guy. Ask questions. It's all about your attitude walking into class. If you come in thinking you're going to fail, you will. If you come in with confidence and try your best, you will have a great experience. We have a variety of amazing Group Fitness classes. Keep trying until you find one that suits you. It may take a couple tries and a few different classes, but don't quit. You won't always be new to Group Fitness. It's a progressive journey. Don't forget to look back once in a while to see how far you've come. Maybe one day you'll be the one busting out all those burpees. For our complete Group Fitness schedule:  http://the-mac.com/class-schedules/#