Just Show Up

Most of us can agree that showing up is at least half the battle; if we can get to “it”, we can get through it… Even if the “it” is a booty-kicking, 60-minute XFitt group training session. Just ask member Stacy Shey. Stacy joined The MAC a number of years ago but has really upped the ante in the last 2 ½ years, so much so that Stacy has the proud new title of “Transformation Challenge Champion”! While Stacy has been gradually losing weight and making improvements to her health for just under a year, she lost a whopping 5% (just shy of 12 lb) body fat during The MAC’s annual Transformation Challenge event. And while her recipe to success had several ingredients, there is one thing Stacy advises to those looking for similar results: “Diet, diet, diet. I was basically working out and while I was seeing results at a slow pace, it really made a difference once Jane [her trainer] and I sat down and talked about my diet.” While there are lots of diet and nutrition platforms out there, Stacy kept hers pretty simple. “I eat pretty simple… I keep track of calories and macros. It works best for me to eat a similar diet daily. I now eat a lot of egg whites, cottage cheese, yogurt, chicken, fish and veggies. I eat fruit in the mornings and have a protein shake ever morning.” So, what spurred Stacy to get serious about making changes to her fitness and nutrition? “A few years ago I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had been taking my health for granted without trying. I decided I wanted to be the best me for the second half of my life. I wanted to be there for my husband, five children and five grandchildren. I decided I was going to be a fun active Grammy.” Her trainer, Jane Jakobsen, XFitt sessions and MyZone have also been significant factors in Stacy’s success. “I feel like she puts her time in training and I need to take it seriously and get the most out of my time with her. I don’t want to disappoint myself OR Jane. I participate in XFITT [with Jane] and use MyZone. I like to be in a small group session with women all trying to accomplish health and fitness. I really didn’t want to use MyZone, I fought it a bit and was late to jump on the bandwagon. I felt like I was going to be compared with everyone else on the screen, and I’d be embarrassed by that. When I finally decided to purchase a belt, I had to tell myself that nothing mattered besides me showing up and doing the best I could at every workout. I’ve had my MyZone belt since last March and I can’t imagine not using it now AND I can also say that my confidence has grown since I made that decision. [Now] My motto is “JUST SHOW UP”, Jane modifies my movements due to pain or injury, and through it all I still see progress.” Stacy, from all of us here at The MAC, CONGRATULATIONS! We are proud that we are able offer so many avenues, so that we can show up for you and each of our members. Stacy transformation