Member Spotlight and our Male Transformation Challenge Winner!

Member Spotlight and our Male Transformation Challenge Winner! 

Name: Thad Ramsey     

Age: 40

How long have you been a member? 4 years

What are your favorite services at The MAC.? The convenient locations and the friendly staff

Recent Health/Fitness Accomplishment: I ended the challenge under 200 pounds this is the first time I’ve been under 200 pounds since basic training


How has the MAC helped you achieve your goal? With the 24 hr centers there’s no excuse that the gym wasn’t open and I can’t go, along with the multiple locations there’s a MAC that you can go to where ever you are in town.


What services or club amenities have you used to accomplish your goal: I used personal training, XFITT, cycle classes, MYZONE and MyFitnessPal. 

What does your exercise routine looked like? I mainly lift heavy. During the challenge I participate in XFITT added PT and more cycling. I worked out 7 days a week and twice some days. 


Did any of our MAC staff help or encourage you to accomplish your goal? All the staff was supportive and encouraging. However, I worked with Molly and she was awesome! Molly helped me keep track of my calorie intake and suggested that I eat more and provided suggestions on what I should eat. Molly put together great workouts that fit in with my own lifting schedule and had me doing exercises/lifts that I hadn’t done in the past. Molly is always smiling even at 5am.


Describe how you ate for success. I ate clean and tracked my calories

What advice would you give anyone trying to accomplish this goal themselves? There are times that you will not want to eat right or go to the gym those are the times that it’s important to either dig deep and say no I’m going to do this or find an accountability partner that will help you stay on track. When you step back after 8 weeks the results that you will see will help future motivation.

Why is fitness and wellness important to you? As I watch friends and family age, I’m seeing the importance of fitness. As we age our strength starts to fade and at some point, without maintaining some level of fitness, your mobility will be challenged and that has a drastic impact on a person’s way of life.