Do you snack unnecessarily, in the afternoon or evening?

Did you know your internal clock dictates what we crave, because of what we need..?

Afternoon snackers may go for sweets, sugar and caffeine because we are depleted of glycogen and need our brains to focus. We would do better with a low carb high fat and protein snack. Our brain is made mostly of fat, so feed it fat to perform better, feed it sugar and carbs and your right back to headaches and hunger in 30 mins...


Great choices are for afternoon snackers .. 

Nut butters and apples or Celery

Beef or Turkey Jerky

A Smoothie with added protein and seeds

Carrots and hummus

Parmesan Crisps and Guacamole

Turkey and cheese rolls

Kale Crisps

Cottage Cheese and fruit


Now Evening Snackers usually aren’t hungry, if it is true hunger try eating a bigger dinner or slightly later, usually evening and later night time is our wind down, our guards are down and so is our cortisol so we want comfort foods this is when the glass of wine and chocolate may come out or the chips...

Remember the later you eat then less time your body has to detox whilst you sleep as its working on breaking down your food.

Carbohydrates at night do help you sleep and slumber better, but let’s choose easily digestible ones so we have a good rest.


Good choices at least 2 hrs before bed.. 

Warm Turmeric Tea with Almond Milk

Organic Popcorn, popped in coconut oil

Raw or Dark Chocolate (no added sugar)

Avocado Pudding (chocolate) homemade

Cheese and Crackers


Refrain from heavy foods hard to digest and alcohol as this turns to glucose and can disrupt REM sleep..

Here are some convenient go to snacks I get often and you can find at most stores...


Written by Krystal Decker, Integrative Nutritional health Coach

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