Transformation Challenge (It Takes Change To Create Change)

It's that time of year again, Are You In?


Our Transformation Challenge is all about putting your body goals into action. Having a little money motivation ($500) helps as well. During this 8 week challenge, Yes!, you will be putting in the time and effort on the gym floor. Maybe you will meet your trainer more, or sign up with one. Maybe you will try a spin class or group fitness, or kick start your journey with some Xfitt sessions?! These are all great add on tools to help you meet your goal, but this year we are elaborating on a key element that can sometimes be overlooked....


Ever Heard “A 6- Pack starts in the kitchen”?

You Got It...Nutrition as a focus is key in your success. We move to transforming ourselves through nutrition, macros and micro nutrients and learning how to eat to transform!


Hi, I'm Krystal and I am an Integrative Health Coach here at The MAC!


What is a Health Coach you ask?  Well let's just say I've studied over 200 Diets, learned emotional and behavioral cognitive coping techniques, intervention strategies, and how to actively engage with client’s families and doctors to better overall health! I.E going into hopes, teaching clients how to cook and meal prep, alongside doctors to reduce or eliminate ones medication! All while creating a bespoken nutrition plan to the individual! We are not all the same and cookie cutter plans don't work.


Learning how to listen to your body (you know it best) and fuel it for performance is an amazing tool to learn for longevity!


“Eat to Fuel & Nourish Your Body”


I am offering 2 workshops for the Transformation Challenge: Sat, Oct 19th @10:30

                                                                                                    Mon, Oct 21st @5:30


The workshop will include: Your jump start to the challenge, choosing and setting your goals and plan with a guided protocol:


# You will choose from 3 Effective Diet Plans: Learning the difference between them, how they work and how to mix and match whilst figuring out what foods support your body best!


# Weekly Meal Plans and Shopping List- a planned out guide and delicious choices for making healthy foods for you whole family. Along with detailed meals for pre and post workout.


#Meal Prepping Protocol- Easy ways to meal prep for yourself all week long, whether you eat 3 meals or 7, I will help you create delicious, power-packed breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks for pre-workout fuel and post workout recovery, so you are maximizing your fat burning potential during your workout and muscle recovery for ultimate Gains! During the challenge I will also be offering some fun Sunday Meal Prep classes at Natural Grocers! This is a great way to have some hands on shopping and cooking experience with me in a kitchen and get all you’re prepping for the week done!


-Krystal Decker