Member Spotlight: Tanya Deklotz

Name: Tanya Deklotz 

Age: 44



How long have you been a member? 5 Years

Over the 8 week Transformation Challenge Tanya lost 6 pounds, 6.5 Body fat and gained muscle!


What services or club amenities have you used to accomplish your goal?

Group fitness/xfitt/myzone


What does your exercise routine look like?

I try to workout 4 days a week-sometimes 5. 2-3 days XFITT, cycling class, HIIT/kickboxing


Did any MAC staff help or encourage you to accomplish your goal?

Peggy Jordan!! She gets me to the gym at 5:30 in the morning- always has fun circuits and different exercise plans to challenge me!


Describe how you ate for success.

I followed the Whole 30 plan and upped my protein.


What advice would you give anyone trying to accomplish this goal themselves?

Find what you like to do and what works for you and stick to it!!!


Why is fitness and wellness important to you?

I have watched loved ones suffer with pain and health issues because they didn’t exercise, eat right/ take care of themselves.  I decided I’m not going to be like that!