Member Spotlight: Chris Shulista

Name: Chris Shulista

Age (optional): 57


How long have you been a member? 10 yrs


What are your favorite services at The MAC.? X-Fit, My Zone ,Group classes such as yoga and HIT


Recent Health/Fitness Accomplishment:

increased total overall body muscle, lost a total of 14lbs, increased cardio



How has the MAC helped you achieve your goal?

Offering a wide variety of exercise options, knowledgeable staff.


What services or club amenities have you used to accomplish your goal

Using My Zone helps to keep my heart rate in the optimal fat burning range for maximum benefit. Group classes allow

me to choose the style and intensity of the workout. X-Fit helps to balance both cardio and strength training while

helping to ensure correct form.


What does your exercise routine looked like?

Normal exercise routine is week is 6 days a week

I combine X-Fit group training, along with a HIT group class twice a week, Strength training full body combined with 30

mins of cardio twice a week, one day of upper body and abs only and one day to focus on lower body strength. Always

try and squeeze a day of Yoga


Did any of our MAC staff help or encourage you to accomplish your goal?

I enjoy working with Hayley during our 5:30 AM X-Fit, the workouts are designed to hit most of the major muscle groups

along with busts of cardio. She comes prepared and always has a different workout each week. Saturday morning X-Fit I

enjoy working with Stephanie, she always checking my form and letting me know to keep my chest up. Sunday morning

is Stacey’s HIT class, she is full of energy and keeps the class moving.


Describe how you ate for success.

Started off logging food into Myfitnesspal, I always thought I ate healthy just was not seeing the results I would like.

Once I figured out the number of calories a day, I started by removing all of the foods that were higher in carbs and

sugar. I continued to track for several months till i figured out the right combinations of food that hit within that range. I

have continued to eat the same foods for breakfast and lunch each day. I also preplanned all meals, making adjustments

for the days that I would be eating out.


What advice would you give anyone trying to accomplish this goal themselves?

Make a goal each week, always make time for yourself, find the best time for you to workout and stay consistent

Why is fitness and wellness important to you?

Looking forward to retirement in the next few years i have a large bucket list,I also would like to keep up with the

grandkids. I feel better about myself