Member Spotlight: Valeria Santana

Name: Valeria Santana

Age: 26

How long have you been a member? 11 months

What are your favorite services at The MAC.? XFITT and 24/7 facilities


Recent Health/Fitness Accomplishment:

Last one done was July 2019. Need to do a new one to record the latest measures.


How has the MAC helped you achieve your goal?

MAC is my gym of preference since I got here. I go to group classes and also to the facilities to complete my routines.


What services or club amenities have you used to accomplish your goal (group fitness, personal training, MYZONE, social support)?

Group classes


What does your exercise routine look like (strength training, cardio, PT, group fitness, how many days per week)?

I do XFITT twice a week, two days of weights at the gym, one day of cardio only with abs and two days of rest.


Did any MAC staff help or encourage you to accomplish your goal?

Yes, my group class trainer Stephanie Saylor


Describe how you ate for success.

I don’t follow a diet. I just reduced the sugar I was consuming and quantities on my meals. Kept eating normally but controlled. I added protein shakes as well.


What advice would you give anyone trying to accomplish this goal themselves?

Just keep in mind this quote “I can and I will”. It is hard and it is a slow process, but if you wanted, I don’t see why you can’t achieve it. It becomes a lifestyle and that’s when you know you are doing it right.


Why is fitness and wellness important to you?

It makes me feel amazing. It is not just physical the change you go through but emotionally as well. It is so satisfying to see how far you’ve gone and try all sorts of different ways to make it even further.