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Spring Cleaning… Your Diet

While it hasn’t felt much like Spring lately, the annual urge to purge is still very real. We’ve talked to members decimating dust bunnies, gutting garages and, most exciting to us, refining what is in their refrigerators. For many reasons, Spring can be a great time of year to really shine a spotlight on nutrition

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Start S.M.A.R.T.

It’s January at the gym, and we know what that means: Resolutions. A new year can be a great time to jumpstart a new health and/or fitness program, but the questions often remain: Where do I start? How do I stay motivated? Whether your goals are fitness related or not, the best place to start

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There is No Time for Being Fit and Healthy

The other day, I sat down for dinner at 8:15pm and started reflecting about my day.  I went back to an early morning conversation with a client who didn’t have time to workout this week, so we discussed small things she could do that would add up to big changes for her week.  As I

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