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Spring Cleaning… Your Diet

While it hasn’t felt much like Spring lately, the annual urge to purge is still very real. We’ve talked to members decimating dust bunnies, gutting garages and, most exciting to us, refining what is in their refrigerators. For many reasons, Spring can be a great time of year to really shine a spotlight on nutrition

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Toughing It Out

We all have different sources of motivation for working towards our respective fitness goals. For MAC member Kendra Aarhus, it was the reality of turning 40.   A MAC member since 2011, Kendra made the commitment to make 2018, and her final year in her 30s, one for the record books. In addition to a

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Kettlebell Practice: Fitness for Every. Body.

With Summer rapidly coming to a close, and vacations gradually coming to an end, people everywhere are gearing up to get back to the grind. School schedules, work schedules and (soon enough) holiday schedules will all be vying for a bit our our precious time. But where does that leave our fitness and self-care schedules?

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